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Story of A Common Word as How it traveled to Pakistan

In October 2008 CE, when Allama G R Chishti browsed the Official Website of `A Common Word` He Sent his Comments to the organizers of the movement by email, offering to open Sub Office of `A Common Word` in Islamabad Pakistan. The comments can be watched at the Official Website of ` A Common Word` under the link,Comments`, at Number 173 Commencement of the work On A Common Word In Pakistan As soon the message from Mr Sulayman was received, Allama Chishti started to discuss the matter with like minded Muslim and Christian friends which included Ex-I G Police Muhammad Saeed AL Ra`I a distinguished Islamic Scholar, Col. S K Tresslar Ex Federal Minister for Minority Affairs,Sport,Culture and Youth Affairs, Rev. Pastor Aftab Anwer, Maulana Zurab Abbasi Muhammad Hanif Abbasi Miskeen Abbasi Syed husnain gilani Mr Ahmed Husain and sardar Waheed Mrs Iffat Jabeen and so on. Rev. Pastor Aftab Anwar helped Allama Chishti to meet Christian fellows in the Churches even in a Church Building Allama participated as the Chief Guest, the program was about the Holy Bible`s prophesies. As a good will gesture Allama Chishti also invited Christians religious fellows to participate in a religious ceremony in his Mosque where a room has been set a side to discuss Muslim 3 Christian relations to which the name has been given as Interfaith Hall. UIPM Meeting In the last week of February 2009, the members of Supreme Council of UIPM`s meeting was held, Allam Chishti presided over the meting it was decided to hold A Common Word Conference to make aware of the real Islamic attitude towards the other religions of the world as it is depicted in the Amman Message and A Common Word. Press Conference According to the resolution passed by the supreme Council of UIPM, it was agreed that the program of the A Common Word Conference should be declared by the press conference. Allama Chishti while Addressing the Press Conference said: Respected representative of the Print Media, thank you for your consideration, that you have spared from your precious time to hear our view about the most modern Islamic movement of dialogue which has started from Jordan and we have welcome it in Pakistan.

At outset I submit that we are organizing `A Common Word Conference` Under auspices of Universal Interfaith Peace Mission (UIPM). That is to be held on Monday 13 April 2009 at Holiday Inn Islamabad Hotel at 2 PM. A Common Word is the translation of an Arabic Term- Kalema Swaa, which was revealed in the Holy Quran Chapter 3 Verse # 64. Through which God Almighty ordered the Prophet Muhammad 4 PBUH to invite Ahle -Kitab – Holders of Book i.e. Christians and Jews to come together on the common point between Muslim Christian and Jew. Based on this verse, the 138 authoritative Ulema and Scholars, from all the denominations or schools of thought of Islam, from all over the world. joined toghather to write an open letter to the Pope Benedict XVI of Vatican City. Saying that we should enter into dialogue for the intellectual exchange and mutual understanding of one another`s religious beliefs. The letter was welcome by the pope and all the Christian leaders as well as Jewish leaders. The gist of the letter was that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all the monotheistic religions and have much in common and in essence the teachings of these all three religions can be the love of God and love of neighbor. The Common Word Movement actually sprang from the Message of Amman initiated by His Majesty Shah Abdullah II Bin Al- Hussein King of Jordan. Which declares that, Islam is the religion of peace, safety, and security and teaches it `s adherents of having good relations to other religions. This gave courage to the righteous Ulema to start dialogue with other religions UIPM is a Pakistani Based World organization affiliated to United Religions Initiative URI ( Head Office in California America) working for the interfaith peace and harmony contacted the Common Word Officials in Amman and were allowed to work to spread the Message to the masses of Pakistan. . UIPM is going to open A Common Word Office for Pakistan which will work with the Officials in Amman. However it would be possible after necessary permission from Amman, whether we visit them or some authoritative personality visit us for the purpose.

Muhammad Saeed al-Ra`I said when God is one then the message from him would definitely be the one and the same, so on this 5 ground all world` religions may establish peace and harmony among themselves. Rev. Pastor Aftab Anwar said Christian believe in one God and thus they are in harmony with all monotheistic religions such as Muslims and Jews, so let us gather together on the common plate form of `A Common Word` to establish peace and harmony among ourselves despite the creedal differences. Thank you After the announcement of the `A Common Word Conference by the press conference, the Kehkhan Hall of Islamabad Hotel was booked for the conference the workers and like minded fellows were given the task to make the program a successful, with that, invitations were sent to the distinguished guests, participants, and the representatives of Electronic and Print Media. The text of the invitation was as it is hereunder. The Quranic call for the unity of the holders of the book has again echoed after 14 00 years, in the form of Amman Message and Common Word. Which has naturally become the common constitution for all the schools of thought of Islam, as well as the starting point for all those who are engaged in interfaith dialogue. To bring awareness to the people of Pakistan about this modern understanding of the monotheism, A Common Word Conference is going to be held under the auspices of the UIPM, on Monday 13, April 2009, at Kehkshan Hall of Holiday Inn Islamabad Hotel at 2 pm. 6 Muhtram janab Malik Amjad Husain Alvi President Amnesty International Rawapindi/Islamabad will preside over the meeting, Hon`ble Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi will bless the program as the Chief Guest Allama Abulfateh GR Chishti Chairman of UIPM will deliver a special welcome and introductory address on the theme. Diplomats, Ulema and Scholars from various religions, representatives from like minded organizations are expected to be the Guests of Honor at the event and give the audience benefit of their erudition on the theme. Therefore we request your good-self to please Support the program with your presence to encourage the organizers and accelerate the cause of inter-religious peace and oblige.

Thank you Yours Sincerely Request for the Message of HRH Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad Special Envoy and Advisor of the King of Jordan and Chairman of the Royal Aal al-bayt Institute for Islamic Thoughts in Amman the Capital of Jordan While the invitations were being distributed in Pakistan and the full program was being handed over to the 7 participants, Allama Chishti wrote a request letter for the kind attention of HRH Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad to bless the First `A Common Word Conference` by His Highness presence or at least by the Message. The Prince very kindly send Message to Allama Chishti which in fact not only brought a great joy to us but also solve the problem of explanation of the nature of `A Common Word`, this can be seen by reading the original Message which is brief, clear, vivid and self – explanatory.